Damion Hinds’ figures do not add up


Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, has been caught fudging the figures to deceive the public about what’s really happening to school funding. This isn’t the first time.

And now the UK Statistics Authority has warned the Department for Education:

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The Department for Education has even gone so far as to include tuition fees – those paid by students – into its claims on education spending, to distort the reality for schools.1

As Damian Hinds continues to replay the same line, that there is ‘more school funding than ever before’, the Government’s own statistics authority has refuted this claim.

Misleading the country is not acceptable. And in the face of a school funding crisis – as schools are forced to shorten weeks, cut supplies and let go staff2 – it’s simply insulting.

We cannot allow the Education Secretary to mislead parents and teachers. There are certain standards in public life that are just so basic we can’t let them slip.

We will continue to scrutinise the Government’s numbers to ensure that everyone knows the truth about what’s happening to our schools.

Please help by sharing this video with every parent and teacher you know, especially tagging anyone who might still be in doubt that schools are in crisis.

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Andrew Baisley

Data Lead, School Cuts Campaign

1. Source: 2 October 2018, BBC News. “DFE caught adding tuition fees to school funding claims”.

2. Source: 5 September 2018, Daily Mail. “Schools threaten to scrap Friday afternoon lessons and cut pupils’ hours to a 4.5-day week to save cash”

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