Update on Saturday 14th July London demonstration against the fascists/ Tommy Robinson supporters




The far-right is gearing up for a big rally in support of Tommy Robinson on July 14th at Downing Street. They’ll hope to bring together the ‘Football Lads’ thugs with the international far-right, in a bid to repeat their success earlier this month.



This will give space for vile neo-Nazis and white nationalists to recruit. The 15,000-strong “Free Tommy” rally last June, was the largest outdoor mobilisation by fascists seen in Britain. It brought together nazis, the alt right and racist populists like Ukip. The bridge between the two is the Democratic Football Lads Alliance—which mobilised 2,500 onto the streets of London recently.



There’s a sense of a shift among many regarding the threat of the far right. Len McCluskey, the Unite the Union leader, was the latest to add his voice and support to demonstrations against the fascists in Leeds and on July 14th, in London. This is very welcome. A huge demonstration on July 13th against World’s Number One Racist Donald Trump, as well as a counter-protest against the far right on 14 July can help push back against the growth of the racist-right.



  • Assemble 1pm at Old Palace Yard, Westminster
  • 2pm March to Whitehall

There will be speakers at both points including:

  • Claude Moraes – MEP • Jean Lambert – MEP Talha Ahmed – Muslim Council of Britain •  Dilowar Khan – London Muslim Centre  Gerry Gable – Searchlight • Reverend Steven Saxby • Kiri Tunks – NEU President • Nita Sanghera – UCU Vice President • Jane Loftus – CWU Vice President  • Peter Kavanagh – Unite London • Steve Hedley – RMT deputy General Secretary  • Taranjit Chana – GMB London Region • Louise Regan – NEU • Shahrar Ali – Green Party


Updates and more can be found on the Facebook event page, here, www.facebook.com/events/169517280565963/permalink/19243991160703



The fascists and racists have been fuelled by the racism of Donald Trump and the Tories. And taking on wider racism is important. Fascists aim to build a mass movement that can smash their opponents and perpetrate racist violence. And as a street movement, they gain confidence by marching.

That means we have to break their confidence on the streets.


Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have sounded the alarm—and held protests against the fascists and racists. The demonstration on 14 July is a chance to begin to broaden the movement against the far right and to give new momentum to anti-racists.



A big turnout on 14 July will help us get to a position where we can confront the fascists and stop them marching where they want to march, rally where they want to rally. And that way we can push back and break their organisation.


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