Support the striking teachers in Birmingham

Birmingham battle for jobs and learning by DOUG MORGAN, assistant sec Birmingham NEU,

NUT section NEU UNION members at Springfield Primary School in Birmingham were set to continue hard-hitting strikes this week. Following a strike day just before half term, NEU members at the school were set to continue with repeated strikes of three days a week, every week, for the rest of the summer term. The strikes at Springfield Primary take place against plans for a restructure that will see further potential redundancies. It will also remove teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments—meaning pay cuts for some staff. Workload has rocketed as many teaching assistant posts have already effectively gone and an enlarged leadership team will create an atmosphere of greater scrutiny without greater support. According to some set to strike, “Workload has increased while morale has plummeted.” David Room, Birmingham NEU (NUT Section) general secretary, said, “Support staff have already been cut while the school has chosen to employ four ‘directors’ who will not have a substantive teaching requirement. “Two alternative staffing structures have been proposed by NEU members at the school but these were rejected by the school, leaving members with no choice but to strike in the interests of education. “The strikes are happening because of individual circumstances. “But they are indicative of what so many teachers and support staff are telling us— that they have simply had enough of government cuts, enough of unreasonable managements and enough of unmanageable workloads. “The scale of the action that our members are prepared to take at Springfield shows their determination to protect jobs and defend the learning conditions of students.” lPlease rush messages of support to the school

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