NEU Global Matters update

Dear colleague

This latest edition of Global Matters brings you up-to-date with our international solidarity campaigns and activities.

Some of the headlines of this edition include:

Solidarity in action

Read the report from the October 2017 delegation to Palestine, learn more about the movement to support a free and fair trial for Jesus Santrich in Colombia, and find out how you can raise awareness during the UK’s Srebrenica Memorial Week this year.

Stand up for education

Learn about the Union’s solidarity action with American colleagues in support of gun control and how we stood up for public education at our demonstration outside publishing giant Pearson’s AGM this year.

Learning opportunities for you

Find out more about Teacher, Union and Human Rights: A Seminar on Global Solidarity taking place this summer, school twinning in Palestine, and how you can support the British Rohingya Community.

I am pleased that this edition also includes contributions from two International Solidarity Officers, exploring the international element of the 2018 NEU-NUT Section Annual Conference and volunteer teaching at a refugee camp in the West Bank.

Download the full newsletter here.

Global Matters is an important starting point for international solidarity, but it is by no means the end. I hope you will use this as a way of developing both your own interest in international solidarity, and that of your friends, family, colleagues and fellow trade unionists. I look forward to seeing what this spark will ignite.

In solidarity,

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary

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