We want to start building up a list of schools where NEU members express their opposition to Baseline Testing and say that they do not want their school to take part in the 2019 pilot tests.


Please discuss this motion in your school group and inform the local NUT Office if you have passed it


This school group notes the government’s intention to replace KS1 SATs with a new Baseline test within the first few weeks of statutory schooling in Reception.

We note the following:

  • that the sole purpose of Baseline is not to support children in Reception, but to provide data by which schools can be held accountable seven years later at KS2.
  • Baseline tests were abandoned in 2015 as they were found to be unworkable. This followed a campaign of ‘4 too young to test’ and ‘Better without Baseline’.
  • Comments from previous providers, especially Early Excellence, who provided the greater part of Baseline Assessment in 2015, which describe the current proposal as “ideological and inept”.

We believe that the new plan to introduce a baseline, beginning with a voluntary pilot in 2019, is as wrong and flawed as it was in previous attempts.

This time there is no attempt to use an observation-based model and it will be a test overseen by the teacher or support staff.

We believe that this test will disrupt the settling-in process and place a workload burden on these teachers at the start of the year.

We welcome the decision of the NUT Conference to launch a high-profile campaign against Baseline testing and to link this to campaign against SATs.

We believe that if enough schools refuse to take part in the voluntary pilot in 2019 it will force the government to rethink its proposal.

We therefore agree to:

  1. i) ask our headteacher and governors to refuse to take part in the           Baseline pilot in 2019;
  2. ii) support and publicise the More Than A Score campaign.


School Name:  _____________________________________


Date of meeting:  ___________________________________


Number of members present:  ________________________



Once your school group has passed this motion please email .

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