General advice for members – pay progression

The main rule is that there should be no surprises – if no concerns have been raised about your performance in an appraisal cycle then you should move up the pay spine.

In terms of agreeing targets at the beginning of a cycle they should not be aspirational but fair and achievable. The NEU disagrees with numerical targets.

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Moving onto UPS and up UPS

The union view is that teachers should not be asked to gather reams of evidence themselves – the school should have lots of evidence of its own to inform decision making on this pay progression. Your pay policy might say something different …..

The union sees pay progression from M6 to UPS1 as a recognition of sustained performance we don’t believe that anything additional has to be done – however, the school might look for you to do something in addition to class teaching in exchange for the extra pay.

Take advice on this in good time from the advice line or us before applying or having a meeting with the headteacher – we are unable to provide urgent advice close to when a meeting is taking place – due to low hours of NUT time and pre-existing casework/meetings etc

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