Campaigning Points from NUT conference – report/comment to follow

Campaigning points from NUT Conference



  • Lobby DfE for removal of Paragraph 51.7 of STPCD, which covers additional working hours.
  • Regional briefings in the summer term to outline the case for our pay claim and need for action
  • Local association briefings in summer term
  • Produce materials for an internal poll of members in the summer term
  • Review results of first stage of campaign
  • Ballot for action in 2018/19
  • Monitor the pay policies of MATs




  • Lobby DfE for removal of Paragraph 19 of STPCD – Performance Related Pay.
  • Encourage associations to encourage the use of the workload survey to identify common workload issues across groups of schools
  • Co-ordinate industrial action across schools
  • Disseminate current Workload Charters and carry out a review of their effectiveness.



  • Weekend of activity in summer term
  • National demonstration on school funding
  • Encourage members to take action at local level where cuts are leafing to attacks on pay and conditions and damaging education



  • Work to organise local activities on National Children’s Day on May 13th
  • Produce information and campaign packs
  • Model letters asking schools not to take part in Baseline Pilot
  • Encourage local associations to discuss this at general meetings and to report back via executive members and regional offices
  • Indicative survey of members in all primary and infant schools and use to identify where formal ballots might be successful to stop Baseline Pilot going ahead
  • Assess campaign through regional briefings, executive meetings, national briefings and a national mobilising event
  • Link campaign on Baseline to campaign on SATs
  • Encourage local associations to set up local MTAS groups
  • Prepare materials for use in local associations during SATs week




  • Encourage local associations to work with local libraries on community events as part of Stand Up For Education campaign
  • Consult widely with members on their views for a National Education Service
  • Major conference on curriculum and pedagogy
  • Encourage local associations to organise local events and training to publicise and debate “It’s Just Everywhere”.
  • Encourage local associations to distribute the NEU resource pack on supporting refugee children
  • Work with LAs to ensure policies and procedures include actions for dealing with racism, methods of reporting racism, that complaints will be taken seriously and acted upoin
  • Organise a conference on fighting reported Islamophobia and Homo/Bi/Transphobia
  • Encourage regions to organise annual equality events




  • Arrange a meeting between Executive members, Division Secretaries and the Mayor of London
  • Arrange a meeting with the biggest possible number of London MPs
  • Arrange meetings with GLA members and council leaders in LAs where teachers are not paid on Inner London Scale
  • Special briefing of NUT Reps and activists in boroughs concerned
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