Motion to pass in your school on SATs and Assessment

Motion on SATs and Assessment for school NUT groups
This motion was drafted following a special meeting of primary teachers to discuss the growing concerns about the arrangements for SATs and Teacher Assessment this year. Please discuss this in your school group and let us know if you pass the motion.

This NUT meeting notes that the government’s arrangements for KS1 and KS2 are causing chaos and confusion amongst teachers in schools.
In particular we note that:
i) ‘exemplifications indicate the new expected standards for writing are beyond that which it is reasonable to expect most children to achieve.’
ii) the lack of guidance given by government along with the vagueness and unhelpfulness of what has been published, is not sufficient for teachers to be able to make accurate assessments.
ii) KS2 Children are being tested on a curriculum that they have only been taught for two years – they are being set up to fail.;
iv) The new standards do not promote the depth and understanding of learning that good, age appropriate pedagogy would require;
v) the fact that the government will not determine the benchmarks for schools until after the SATs is creating great uncertainty, particularly in the climate of fear around forced academisation.
We further note that the government is considering dropping plans for Baseline Assessment on the grounds that the different schemes are not comparable and that the recent NUT survey showed that the overwhelming majority of teachers do not believe it to be a reliable form of assessment.
We therefore resolve to:
i) support the NUT campaign for KS1 and KS2 SATs to be cancelled this year and for schools not to opt-in to Baseline Assessment;
ii) call all on teacher unions to work together to put pressure on the government to cancel KS1 and 2 tests this year and to drop plans for Baseline Assessment;
iii) work with other local schools to build a campaign on testing and to explain our concerns to parents;
iv) support a boycott of SATs and the current arrangements for teacher assessment by teachers in this school if there enough schools will take similar action;
v) call on the headteacher and governors of this school to indicate that they are prepared to boycott Teacher Assessment and SATs for this year;
vi) call on the headteacher and governors to indicate that the school will not opt-in to Baseline Assessment in 2016;
vii) inform the local NUT association and other schools of our decision;
vii) call on the local NUT association to discuss our concerns with local headteachers and the Local Authority Advisory Team.

Motion passed by NUT members at __________________________________________School
Date of meeting: ________________
Number of NUT members present: _____
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