Heart unions week – how to get involved

Heartunions week is next week (8-14 Feb), Are you ready?

What are you doing to celebrate heartunions week? Here are a few last minute updates and information to help you prepare for next week. We want to make this a big celebration to highlight the great work done by you and other union reps and members in our workplaces.

Big Workplace Meeting, Tuesday 9 February?

Thank you to everyone who has organised a workplace meeting for Tuesday. We have lots of workplaces geared up to take part. Watch the live stream from 12:45 on Tuesday 9 February. Be prepared and test your computers on Monday to see if you’re able to see the page.

Eddie Izzard to join Big Workplace Meeting

We’re excited to announce that comedian Eddie Izzard will be joining us for the live broadcast on Tuesday. Eddie will host the event and TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will give an update on progress of the trade union bill. If you have a trade union bill related question you want to ask Frances please tweet it using the hashtag #heartunions.

What can you do during the week?

Help us create an online buzz for ♥UNIONS. Here are some suggestions on what you can do online.
– Add a twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile and help publicise ♥UNIONS. Get your twibbon.
– Make it personal, Add your own message to your Facebook status to tell us why you ♥UNIONS.
– Get tweeting. Tell us why you ♥UNIONS, share your pictures – use the hashtag #heartunions
– Don’t be shy! Take selfies by downloading ♥UNIONS postcard and share it using #heartunions
– Keep your eyes peeled on @The_TUC, @iheartunions, TUC Facebook and Instagram where we will be rolling out inspiring case studies, videos and shareable images.

Talking Union – New interactive guide

Kicking off a conversation with a colleague about the union is often the most difficult thing to do. There are a number of reasons why someone might be hesitant to start this conversation.

To help you tackle this the TUC has produced an interactive guide with useful tips and guidance to get you talking union.

Interactive guide

Have a great week everyone!​

To find out more about heartunions visit heartunions.org.

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