Report from the NUT London Weekend

London Weekend
Friday 29 Jan – Sunday 31 Jan 2016
Delegates: Michael Davern/Betty Joseph/KyravMcLeod and Bola Okaboyejo

Saturday morning


9.45 – 10.45 Plenary 1. Chair: Sara Tomlinson – Secretary Lambeth NUT. Speakers Andrew Baisley (Camden NUT) And Alex Kenny (inner London Exec) Alex Kenny spoke about the London Manifesto and how to use in schools. Good news came from Birmingham as Small Heath Academy plans cancelled but members will still fight on to reinstate Simon O Hara the NUT rep who was suspended #reinstatesimon. Andrew Baisley went through the cuts to come and how the national funding formula will hit London schools and its children – redistributing funds to the shires “in the name of fairness”. Jess Edwards spoke about how in Lambeth. they have been working school by school rep by rep to promote the manifesto. Dave Harvey (Croydon) spoke about the need to support the sixth form strikes to come in the near future. Paul McGarr -spoke about the need for quick action on this – get members together then get the message out from thè school. Kirsty from Greenwich spoke about the need to have a collective campaign and nit defend these cuts school by school. Paul from East London spoke about there being Money for war, but not for schools – the money is there.

11.00 – 12.30 Workshops:
The Fight for Affordable Housing.- issue for teachers and the population in general – housing bill demo
Baseline Assessment. Testing and Accountability in Schools – Shelly Asquith – University of Sussex – update on campaign
Prevent/Islamophobia. – Ali Milani – President Brunel University Students Union – prevent is blunt tool – puts us in thè role of spies. – conference will discuss and vote on this.
Child Poverty.- Iman Hussain – CPAG – conference – important issue for every teacher and is a heavily supported motion at conference.

Saturday afternoon


1.30 – 2.30 Plenary 2. Chair: Mandy Hudson – NUT NEC Speaker: Ellie Barnes – LGBT Education Campaigner inspired us and taught us new words such as:


And reminded us that OFSTED outstanding is all about equalities
Equality act 2010 no opt out on LGBT teaching. Resources available on

2.45 – 4.00 Workshops:
LGBT – Annette Pryce – reach out for LGBT members, set up a branch group.
Disability.- Mandy Hudson –NUT NEC – reach out to disabled members find out the barriers to involving from them and find solutions together
Women.- build for women’s day build more local networks to feed into London and national
BME. – Sandra Hall – Work still to do around recruitment/promotions to leadership. Some discussion of quotas – could be a conference discussion.

Sunday morning


9.45 – 10.45 Plenary 3. Chair: Stephanie Bernard – Lambeth NUT Speakers: Kate O’Neill – Chicago Teacher, and Dennis Charman – Hammersmith & Fulham NUT.

We watched clips from Waiting For Superman and heard about the victory in Chicago which was built on social justice and rank and file organisation working with the parents and wider community and a nine day strike.

Dennis Charman spoke about victories in west London but also reminded us that our local members quite often don’t live in Southwark – Michael and Rene to look at where they live and how to get them involved if not in Southwark but in the communities in which they live. We will look at membership and see where members live, and encourage the, to attend branch meetings if easier.

11 – 12.30 Workshops London manifesto – action plan for Southwark focus on activating members and increasing rep density as well as training for existing reps.

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