Well done everyone on a good turnout yesterday – now we need to fight harder next time as government tries to interfere with strike ballots

Division and Local Associations Secretaries’ e-BULLETIN 14/025 – 11 July 2014


Thank you to all the teachers who took strike action yesterday.

Lots of good joint union work went in to over 65 rallies that took place across the country.

The Government’s response to the action was to completely ignore the issues and instead seek to reduce people’s right to strike. It is a clear indication that Ministers do not want to listen to our concerns nor do they want them drawn to the general public’s attention.

We will continue to make the case that it is high time for the Government to make some significant movement and start listening to the concerns of the teaching profession.

The Executive is meeting on 17 July 2014 to consider the next steps in the campaign.

NUT Delegation to Finland – Lessons from Finland Report

In March, the Union sent a delegation to Finland to meet with educators, politicians and the OAJ teachers’ union. Lessons from Finland is the official report. It presents an overview of the Finnish system and sets out some key conclusions and lessons for Britain.


You are encouraged to send messages of solidarity to the email addresses below regarding the local action planned over the next week.

Action Date Contact

Copland School/Brent
(Redundancies) Wednesday, 16 and Thursday, 17 July Lesley Gouldbourne

Hove Park/Brighton
(Academy) Wednesday, 16 July Paul Shellard

Winterbourne Boys Academy/Croydon
(Escalation) Tuesday, 15 July
Wednesday, 16 July
Thursday, 17 July Dave Harvey

Malala Day: 14 July 2014

All Malala wants for her 17th birthday is for everyone to raise their voice for education. Help grant Malala’s birthday wish by raising as much as possible to support Malala Fund partners working in their local communities to support full realisation of rights for all girls and boys around the world – including Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Click here to chip in to Malala’s Birthday Fund.

New Report: Send ALL My Friends to School

Millions of children with disabilities are missing out on school. A new report from the Global Campaign for Education UK investigates what the UK is doing to help. For further information and to read the report, click here. Please bring this report to the attention of members locally. Please share this information with the International Solidarity Officer in your division. No ISO? Check the website http://www.teachers.org.uk/node/19002 and see if you can encourage someone to take this on.


World Teachers’ Day – 1 OCTOBER – Save the date!

The NUT, along with Amnesty International, will be hosting this year’s World Teachers’ Day event on 1 October and will focus on keeping teaching and learning environments safe. Confirmed speakers include: Christine Blower, General Secretary, National Union of Teachers; Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International; and a member of Afghan Connections. Please put the date in your diary and bring to the attention of members locally.


The TUC’s Britain needs a pay rise march and rally will call for an economic recovery that works for all Britons, not just those right at the top. Further information can be found here.


Christine Blower appeared on Newsnight on the eve of the strike (from 19:30 for start of package and 27:15 for studio discussion). On 10 July itself we gained good media coverage across TV, radio and print. The Telegraph ran a blog from the General Secretary on strike day.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary Deputy General Secretary
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