End of year NUT report

Another request for strike action may sit uncomfortably with us as we approach the end of the academic year and doubts enter our heads as to whether another strike is the answer! However, the end of year report for the NUT looks something like this:-

• NUT have been unrelenting in their campaign to engage teachers, parents, governors, communities and politicians in the real issues facing education.

• NUT have sustained a commitment to take strike action as a last resort strategy in order to highlight the passionate opposition we have to some fundamental attacks upon our professionalism.

• NUT have provided a voice about not only pensions and pay but workload, conditions of service, policy implementation as well as ensuring recruitment of qualified teachers.

• NUT have a vision of education founded upon validated research and experience which they have brought to the political table for discussion and debate.

• NUT have engaged the support of parents and the general public through campaigning.

• NUT have lobbied MPs outlining genuine concerns with heavily loaded reasoning.

• NUT continue to seek the support of all unions.

• NUT members also lobbied MP’s on June 10th.

• NUT is standing up for education!

Yes, it’s an interesting report but do strikes work?

1. Joint action in 2011 increased the Government’s offer on pensions.

2. Action in 2013 persuaded the School Teachers Review Body to reject proposals to remove cover protection and unlimited working hours

3. Strike action in March resulted in new guidance for head teachers on evidence demands and equality pay issues.

4. Strike action brought the government to the table for talks.

We have won some battles, but the war still remains a focus as the quality of talks and the governments’ listening skills still raise concerns for the future of education!

For more information please visit the NUT website at http://www.teachers.org.uk .

Read NUT EduFacts
EduFacts – http://www.teachers.org.uk/edufacts – aims to challenge government and media rhetoric by presenting the facts about what’s going on in our schools, our education system and in the teaching profession.

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Visit the NUT website: http://www.teachers.org.uk

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