NUT conference summary

Conference is over for another year and whilst the media concentrate very negatively on our action (anyone watch Newsnight last night? Where the union was accused of being run by a left minority). This is clearly not the case, as conference voted to take one day of action in the summer and not the two days as proposed. The four days in the autumn was also voted down – which whilst leaving many questioning whether this is actually an escalation is far, far, from a left takeover of the union as the more conservative elements won the vote in the hall.

Alongside the strike action, branches were asked to work with parents to lobby parliament on June 10th and have weekly street stalls to put our stand for education to the wider community, thus counteracting the negative spin of the Tory media and the increasingly right-wing BBC.

Whilst the only media coverage was about the strike. The were some excellent debates and motions on: OFSTED, Academies and Free schools, Capabilty, Targets, child poverty, discrimination of women teachers, equality issues and Palestine amongst others. These are dealt with in my daily reports below. For a flavour of conference as it happened on twitter: @mwdavern #NUT2014

It is clear though there will be lots for us to do as branch of 2000 members in the summer term, so please get involved in our Saturday street stalls and invite us in the meet with the staff.

More details on conference debates on follow @mwdavern @southwarkNUT and search #NUT2014

Michael Davern
Joint Secretary

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