Conference report Day Two


Palestine – video of visit of NUT delegation, video here: TO FOLLOW
Speaker on Skype beamed live to NUT hall as speaker wasn’t allowed to visit by the Isrealis.
Speaker in hall –
Excellent speech from Podium by Palestinian speaker, speaking about he difficulties of being Palestinian in East Jerusalem
What was agreed by conference: SEE page 46 of conference agenda

racism and immigration – lively debate on this
What was agreed – see page 54

Special Needs and a motion on the Lottery in special needs provision
Many speakers spoke on the Children and Families Bill and in particular the changes to the SEN code of practice which were about rationing and reducing SEN support to cut costs as well as encouraging the privatisation of SEN and the introduction of a voucher system.
What was agreed: see page 47 and 48

Discrimination of women teachers.
Some interesting speeches on discrimination largely focusing on menopause and teaching. Whilst many memorable speeches were made challenging the idea of the menopause as an excuse for targeting female teachers was challenged. With many speakers most memorably Jan Nielson reminding us that older female teachers were being targeted because they were experienced, relatively expensive and Bolshy.

What was agreed: see page 52 and 53

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