NUT Conference DAY 1 report

nut-final-agenda this is the full agenda with what was proposed for each motion.

The day started with an excellent speech by new president Max Hyde, who reminded us of the importance of teachers and our fight to stand up for education – full text will follow.

We then had a useful debate on the definition of a teacher, and will up our demands for a qualified teacher in every lesson. In this fight we will need to campaign and fight with support staff and their unions in ways which, whilst pushing our demands for qualified teachers – doesn’t denigrate the work done by support staff. This motion was carried unanimously – see page 22of the agenda

The next debate was on academies and free schools and the victory at STEM6 was discussed. Horror stories in Oldham and Derby gave a taste of what is to come with the growth of Free Schools see pages 23/24 of agenda for what was agreed

The final debate before lunch was on OFSTED and this was unfinished as the morning session ended and we all looked forward to the afternoon session and the debate about escalating strike action in the summer and through the autumn – see page 26/27

The key debate on action over pay, pensions, conditions of service was left unfinished, but am amendment to strike for four days in the autumn term was defeated – WE AGREE TO STRIKE FOR ONE DAY in the SUMMER TERM, with other unions if possible, but alone if necessary.

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