View the strike video from last weeks

Dear colleague

View our 26 March stand up for education video

Thank you again to the many thousands who took strike action, marched, rallied and emailed MPs on 26 March. You can view an NUT video of the day here

Wrong priorities petition

The Union has launched a petition about the Government’s decision to spend £45 million setting up one free school sixth form in London.

We think that this decision shows that Ministers have the wrong priorities. Spending such a vast sum on one sixth form for 500 pupils – when the Government has slashed post-16 funding by 20%, axed the Education Maintenance Allowance and trebled tuition fees – is disgraceful. If you agree, please sign the petition here

Thank you for all that you do as an NUT member. Over the last few weeks many more members have volunteered to get involved in the NUT. You can volunteer to join them here

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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