A great day yesterday – message from Christine Blower

Dear colleague

We are very pleased with the support today. Thank you to everyone who has marched, tweeted, Facebooked and gone on strike. Go here for details and photos.

Thanks in particular to those members who have done such a good job of putting our case on TV and radio.

We would have liked to take action alongside our colleagues in the NASUWT but we are nonetheless very pleased with today’s level of support, including that shown by our student and retired members.

Our pressure on politicians is having an effect. Following NUT lobbying in Watford, Richard Harrington MP – vice chair of the Conservative party – has written to Michael Gove saying that teachers have a valid point that Michael Gove’s policy lets schools hire unqualified teacher ‘on the cheap’.

Whether you were on strike today or not please send an email to your MP tonight. If you can personalise the email that you send, it will have more impact. The link allows you to easily make changes.

Thousands of good teachers are leaving the profession, as the prospect of working to 68 looms, while workload is rising and real pay is dropping. Email your MP to demand that Michael Gove changes course and engages in serious talks.

Yours sincerely

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