One day to go …

Dear colleague

Tomorrow is a hugely important day in our Stand Up for Education campaign to protect teachers and defend education.

Stop press
Michael Gove has written to all the teaching unions today. Mr Gove’s letter shows how little he listens to the concerns of teachers and how little progress has been made in the talks process. His letter confirms why we are right to strike. To see the NUT’s response and Michael Gove’s letter, click here.

Strike and rally
Click here to find your nearest march or rally – please join the strike and attend an event with as many colleagues as possible.

Email your MP
Please email your MP to explain why the Government needs to deal with the concerns of teachers as a matter of urgency.

View our video
Our strike video explains why teachers are striking – and includes some surprising words from Michael Gove himself. You can also view a Lancashire young teachers’ Stand Up for Education video here.

Encourage your colleagues
If any colleagues still need persuading about the importance of the strike, tell them to check all the information at MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “” claiming to be including our slideshow about action and our graphical depiction of increasing working hours versus declining pay.

And if any colleagues not in a union want to join the NUT and take part in the strike, they can still do so – anyone joining the NUT up to or on 26 March is legally covered to join the strike, and first-time members joining on direct debit will pay nothing until 2015.

I hope the day goes well for you and your colleagues.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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