What Gove plans to do to teachers’ conditions of service: STRB report published today

Dear colleague

We have just heard that Michael Gove will publish his proposals for teachers’ conditions of service tomorrow (Thursday 13 February).

He will announce his response to the latest report from the STRB, which will also deal with issues around TLR payments, SEN allowances, leadership pay, pay safeguarding and other issues.

Michael Gove has asked the STRB to consider the following:

removing the limits on your working time (195 days, 1265 hours);

removing the limits on cover and lunchtime supervision;

restoring the requirement on teachers to undertake bureaucratic tasks;

removing the right to PPA time in amounts of no less than 30 minutes.
Tomorrow we will find out if the STRB has agreed with Michael Gove. Last year they agreed to deregulate our pay. But even if the STRB hasn’t agreed with him, Michael Gove can still put his changes forward.

A crucial day
Tomorrow will be a crucial day for every teacher. Not just teachers in local authority schools but also those in academies, most of which still employ teachers on the national conditions of service. Any changes will also set the tone in sixth form colleges.

The pressure of our campaign and your steadfastness may mean that he does not feel able to propose damaging changes to conditions of service. If so, that will be your victory. Alternatively he may carry on with his ideological drive to maximum deregulation.

Not too late
Even now we are saying to Michael Gove:

Don’t damage teachers’ conditions.

Do engage with us to discuss teachers’ real concerns.

See here the letter we sent to him recently.

If Michael Gove is willing to engage in meaningful talks, he can avoid our strike on 26 March. If that strike happens, it will be Michael Gove’s fault.

Please look out for a further message later this week. In the meantime please volunteer to leaflet parents, lobby your MP or become an NUT rep here.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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