STRB rejects Gove – message from Christine Blower

Dear colleague

In a huge blow to Michael Gove, the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) has rejected his arguments for further attacks on teachers’ pay and conditions.

On teacher conditions, Michael Gove wanted:

Removal of all working time protections in the name of ‘flexibility’
Removal of the ‘rarely cover’ provision
Schools to be able to determine how much PPA time is allocated to teachers
Teachers to be required to undertake midday supervision
Teachers to be once again routinely required to undertake administrative tasks
On teacher pay, Michael Gove wanted:

Removal of the separate TLR allowances
Removal of the separate SEN allowances
Introduction of non-consolidated performance payments
Removal of the teacher safeguarding provisions
The STRB rejected his flimsy arguments, accepted the NUT’s case and turned him down on all counts. Although it did recommend removal of the list of 21 administrative tasks that teachers should not routinely undertake, the core provision that teachers should not undertake this type of work remains. The anger and steadfastness of teachers meant that Michael Gove did not dare reject these recommendations, and instead accepted them in full.

Maintain the pressure
It’s vital that we maintain the pressure with the next phases of the campaign: engaging with parents, pressuring politicians and striking on 26 March. This victory for teachers does not change the intolerable levels of teachers’ workload or their unacceptably long working hours. It does not change implementation of performance related pay. It does not change increases to pension contributions or that teachers are being told that they have to work to 68 or even later for a full pension. Michael Gove now needs to engage with teachers on these concerns.

Click here for more information, posters for noticeboard display and to see the STRB report and Michael Gove’s response in full.

Please consider getting more involved in your union. Volunteer to get involved here; we would like members to help lobby politicians and leaflet parents and the public.

We know the continuing pressure on teachers is bad for children’s education and we want you to help us get this message across.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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2 Responses to STRB rejects Gove – message from Christine Blower

  1. peter bloom says:

    Not a blow at all: Gove will simply abolish all national terms and conditions.
    The STRB have fallen right into his Elephant trap.
    The quicker that happens, the better: along with top-up fees; fully tax-deductible school fees (as for child-care costs); education vouchers; the abolition of LEAs; the de-nationalisation of State education; Heads free to a) borrow for new buildings, b) set entrance exams, c) award scholarships, d) expand school numbers e) make a profit.

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