School places crisis – get involved push for councils to build/open community schools

Dear colleague

Many parts of the country – including the area in which you work – are facing a school places crisis.

Unless Ministers give local councils back the power to open new schools, the shortfall of places is projected to be as high as 23% by 2016.

The Union needs your help. Please visit On here you can see projections for shortages in your area, sign a petition, contact your MP and help us spread the word on social media.

There is a looming crisis because the Government is setting up free schools without taking into account local need or demand. Some are being set up in areas with a surplus of places.

School place planning needs to be put back into the safe hands of local authorities. The NUT is also campaigning to ensure that the extra places that are needed are quality places. All children deserve to be taught in an appropriate environment and it would be entirely wrong to cram more children into already crowded classrooms or for councils to have no choice but to put portacabins on school playgrounds – I’m sure you agree.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you will feel able to get involved in this campaign.

Please follow us on Twitter @NUTonline to receive regular updates on this and our other campaigns. You can now also get campaign updates on Facebook. For the facts on education go here.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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