STEM FREE SCHOOL success for NUT – what changed in a week. A story in two contrasting emails

A tale of two e-mails from the headteacher – it was an absolute joy to meet the NUT Rep tonight.

23rd January 2014 – Union issues notice of action
We confirm we are not prepared to recognise you on a voluntary basis and this will remain to be our decision whether or not industrial action is taken. We are within our rights to make this decision…..

…….We trust this clarifies and confirms our position, that we consider any industrial action taken to be misconceived and futile. Please note that we intend to meet with the staff, to reiterate to them, the points we raise above.

We do not wish to enter into any further correspondence with you, save for receiving correspondence in line with your statutory obligations; we will discuss matters with our staff members directly.

29th January 2014
Just to confirm that we are willing to recognise the NUT and make a commitment to enter into meaningful negotiations about the terms and conditions about the contract and to install a local and national representative within the Academy.
We would be willing to sign a formal recognition agreement

Please let me know some dates/times when you are free so we could meet next week.

The Union has suspended strike action to allow the talks – that the school said would never happen – to take place.

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EduFacts – – aims to challenge government and media rhetoric by presenting the facts about what’s going on in our schools, our education system and in the teaching profession.

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