Message from strikers at STEM Free School

Dear sisters, brothers, comrades and friends,

I am very pleased to be able to report to you that STEM 6 Academy has today agreed to recognise the NUT and enter in to meaningful and early negotiations with us about our members’ terms and conditions. (Any formal recognition agreement we come to should apply to all staff unions and not just the NUT.)

On this basis we have agreed to suspend tomorrow’s strike action. A decision on further action will depend on the progress achieved in the forthcoming negotiations. There will, therefore, be no picket outside the school tomorrow.

This is a very significant success, not just for the NUT but for everyone concerned about union rights and the Coalition government’s efforts to use privatisation and marketisation to drive down workers’ pay and conditions.

It shows that we do not have to surrender in the face of employers’ attacks but can stand up and fight back for our rights.

It is a credit to our members at STEM 6 that they have been prepared to do this so courageously in the face of considerable intimidation.

I would like, on behalf of STEM 6 teachers, to thank you all for the numerous messages of support they have received in recent weeks.

The battle at STEM 6 is not entirely over but today’s developments have taken us a long way towards achieving our objectives.

I know that we can count on your support if it becomes necessary to reinstate our action.

In solidarity

Ken Muller
Assistant Secretary
Islington NUT

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