Stop the student loans sell off – meeting at Westminster on Monday at 7pm

Urgent, urgent!

The sell off of student loans.

It’s not too late! We can stop the selling off of student loans – and the increasing privatisation of Universities!

13th January at 7.00pm in Committee Room 12..

The People’s Parliament supported by Red Pepper hosts a Teach In ..

‘The sale of student loans; the latest move turning first rate public universities into third rate private companies’ How do we stop it?

Speakers so far confirmed :

Stefan Collini, Professor of English at Cambridge and author of ‘Sold Out’ article in the London Review of Books 24th Oct 2013,

Andrew McGettigan author of The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education,

Natalie Fenton Professor of Media and Communications at Goldsmith and past president of the University and College Union,

Jonathan Portes director of the National Institute of Social and Economic Research (tbc)

Paul Johnson director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies have also been invited.

Rachel Wenstone NUS Vice President (invited)

Student from Occupy Sussex

Margaret Hodge to chair (tbc)

As the changes to university funding are advancing Collini argues ” the coalition government took the decisive steps in helping to turn some first rate universities into third rate companies. If you still think the time for criticism is over, perhaps you had better think again”.

The Higher Education Teach-In is your opportunity to hear and question the experts so that we can press the coalition to think again.

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