Christine Blower’s email to school reps. Meeting with Gove is tomorrow …

Dear colleague

I am writing to update you on our dispute with Michael Gove and our resistance to his attacks on our pay, pensions and working conditions.

As you know, the NUT and NASUWT postponed the national strike action before the end of this term in order to enter talks with Mr Gove. We said then that without sufficient progress, a national strike in England and Wales would be held, not later than 13 February 2014.

Michael Gove’s prevarication and game playing have meant that so far no talks have been held. However, dates have now been set for meetings on 13 and 16 December. These meetings represent an opportunity which he must take in order to resolve our dispute.

Having already attacked our pay and pensions, Michael Gove has asked the School Teachers’ Review Body to make recommendations on removing and reducing many of our protective conditions of service on matters such as working time, PPA time, cover and bureaucratic burdens. The STRB’s report will be sent to Mr Gove shortly and we can expect its publication next term. But he can at any time issue the commitment we are seeking – which is that he will not make any changes to our conditions, regardless of the contents of that report.

The NUT will protect members and defend education. This may require further strike action by members. As an NUT representative, you will continue to play a vital role in the success of our campaign. Thanks again for your work on behalf of the NUT and your colleagues.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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