Reports and videos from The South London People’s Assembly

Hello everyone

It was lovely to see quite a lot of you on Saturday at the South London People’s Assembly at Goldsmith’s. I hope those of you who were there enjoyed the day. There were some excellent speakers and workshops – and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly very positive and constructive. So thank you to everyone who helped make this the case.

Just over 300 people bought tickets for the event, with over 200 buying tickets in advance and the rest paying on the door. This is a great start for the first South London People’s Assembly and I know that we will all continue to grow the group from here.

I thought you would like to see some videos of the speakers from the day. So here they are!

Kevin Courtney; Josie Long; Zita Holbourne; John McDonnell; Lee Jasper; Shoba Arjoon (who led a tribute to Mandela); Dr Louise Irvine; Tom Henri; Lindsey German; Natalie Bennett; Owen Jones; and, Jack Monroe

Our next action is on the 14th December (this Saturday) so please read this. The People’s Assembly have called for an action across the country. And a lot of attendees decided to do a leaflet and petition session in their boroughs this Saturday. Then to attend a general South London Demonstration at 2pm outside the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton.

The action in Brixton at 2pm on Saturday will be a silent protest to which you all need to bring placards saying why you’re against austerity. There will then be a rally of speakers. It will be quite a short event but it’s important that people try and come because it will be a good opportunity to build support for our movement.

If you have any questions about Saturday, you can respond to this email or contact me on

Thank you, once again to everyone who came on Saturday. And I look forward to building the movement further with you all. Saturday was just the beginning.

Yours in solidarity


Lia Korn
Secretary South London People’s Assembly
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