Visit your local fire station picket line tonight or Monday morning on your way into school

Hope you are able to go to a fire station picket line today, 6.30pm-11.30pm
(and/or first thing on Monday morning 6am-8am).

If you can’t get to one of these Southwark ones, any nearby will do!

Dockhead 8 Wolseley Street, SE1 2BP

Old Kent Road 405 Old Kent Road, SE1 5JH

Peckham 78-80 Peckham Road SE5 8PR (also threatened with losing one of their
two pumps/fire engines)

Southwark 94 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0EG (also due for closure)

Firefighters on strike across England & Wales, Friday (from 6.30pm) and
Monday (from 6am)

Firefighters will be out on strike this Friday from 6.30-11pm and then again
on Monday from 6-8am. Every NUT member needs to get to the
picket lines and bring solidarity to the firefighters.

The FBU’s action follows the successful strikes by UCU, Unite and Unison
members yesterday.

But we all know all in the garden isn’t exactly rosy! Firefighters are only
on strike because of the rank and file revolt that followed the suspension
of action on 19 October. We’ve seen teachers, civil service workers and
postal workers leaders pull back from national action too. And we’ve also
seen Unite sign up to a truly terrible deal at Grangemouth in the face of
the threat of closure by Ineos bosses.

Reports and photos of yesterday’s Higher Education strike

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