Message from the General Secretary about tomorrow’s strike

Dear colleague

We have an opportunity tomorrow (17 October) to send a message to Michael Gove. I want the message to be heard loud and clear by the Secretary of State that teachers are not prepared to accept Government attacks on our pay, pensions and conditions.

Not content with wanting teachers to get less pay and retire later, Michael Gove wants to go ahead with “liberalising” our working conditions, such as the length of our working days and hours, and our entitlements on non-contact time and cover. Teachers already work around 50 hours a week and need fewer working hours, not more.

I know that taking strike action is never an easy choice for teachers. But to date, the Government has refused even to acknowledge the extent of teachers’ dissatisfaction and the Secretary of State has not engaged in negotiations with us to seek to resolve our dispute. The time is right, therefore, to take action alongside our colleagues in the NASUWT.

As well as supporting the strike action tomorrow I hope you will also attend one of the rallies that are taking place. There are rallies organised in Bristol, Durham and London. Full details are available here. There may also be other locally organised rallies closer to you.

Together we can make a positive difference and ensure teaching continues to be the best of all the professions.

There’s never been a more important time to get involved in the NUT. You can find out how you can get involved here.

Thanks in anticipation for your support.

Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

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