A few things for Thursday

A quick few things for Thursday.

Looks OK – pretty much like today

Stewards ( we still need more) are to attend the briefing at 9:45 am in ULU. From 10:20am we want stewards to line the west side of Malet Street directing people to the front and handing out flags.

Green t-shirts
We have ordered another 1,000 green t-shirts and will be giving this out from 10:15 onwards on the steps of ULU – come and get some for your school group.

We have been asked not to bring banners into the Emmanuel Centre, so we will be asking people to take them down before coming in.

Information on school closures
We have heard that the DfE is asking schools directly for information about the number of teachers on strike and classes affected. We want to collect as much information as we can about this so that the union can counter any negative spin the government try to put on the action. Please email about your school and any others which you know about: secretary@southwarknut.org.uk

We are going to have a good day on Thursday – there is a lot of media interest, everyone is watching and I am confident that London will deliver!

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