Strike dates announced for the autumn term

The Executive on Thursday endorsed proposals from the National Officers to continue the joint campaign in a number of ways:

Further Rallies for Education on 14th September (London and Nottingham) and 21st September (Exeter and Cambridge).

Support for the demonstration at Tory Party Conference on September 29th.

A strike in the Midlands, Yorkshire Midlands, Eastern Region and some parts of Wales in the week beginning September 30th (this is during the Tory Party conference).

A strike in the Northern South East, South West, London and the rest of Wales in the week beginning 14th October.

Dates for these strikes will be confirmed to members on September 2nd.

A joint one day national strike before the end of the autumn term.

The NUT and NASUWT will be meeting on 15th July to consider further action and there will be a report to the NUT Executive on September 6th.

The executive also agreed to urge Divisions to continue to seek to negotiate compliant pay policies and to escalate to strike action where this is not possible.

Divisions will also be asked to encourage support for a new Curriculum Concern website that the NUT/NASUWT are launching next week.

A comprehensive communications strategy is being put in place from NUT HQ to inform and mobilise members and there has been good media coverage today,

However, I think we will all agree that the real mobilisation will not be done by HQ but by activists in divisions and associations and that we have an awful lot to do now and at the beginning of next term to deliver on this.

The action in the north-west affected over 90% of schools so we should be confident that the strategy agreed at NUT Conference is working and that we can deliver more.

Our action is leading the movement at the moment and will continue against the backdrop of the party conferences and it may well be that other unions will be taking action in the autumn.

We need to think about how we can continue to work together and share materials and ideas to develop this campaign into one that continues to engage the mass of members.

Best wishes,

Michael Davern

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