Conference Report Day 3

Sunday morning and onto motion 33:The Girl Child – focussing on the treatment of girls around the world as well as in the UK. We agreed to provide all support possible for to Malala Yousafzai and her campaign for girls’ education in Pakistan. There will be an Education For All day on 21st June 2013 to raise awareness of the Millennium Goals.

We then moved onto a related debate on solidarity which was passed unanimously after a particularly great first time speech by a speaker from Ealing.

we then moved onto the second priority motion on the new national curriculum and there were some great speeches on the History Curriculum – Gove’s Ladybird History Curriculum as speakers were concerned with learning dates by rote and the subjective nature of a curriculum hand-picked by Gove. One after another speakers made the point that this was an ideological change with what is being taught in History and its control being central to an education system where children and young people know their place. Conference passed the motion unanimously and rejected Gove’s curriculum and agreed to work parents and the wider public

We then moved onto a debate on Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and all speakers expressed their concerns at the downgrading of this subject for political and idealogical reasons. Great speeches reminded us
of the excellent work that is being done in this area _ work that MUST continue

In the final part of the session we began to discuss assessment

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