Gove’s war on our profession continues with school based pay/Let the NUT Executive know how you feel about this/support Connuaght Girls’ School on eigth day of strike action over Academy conversion

You will know that Gove has announced a war on teachers. He intends to scrap national pay scales and introduce full blown performance related pay. The NUT executive is  meeting on Wednesday and Thursday next week.
1) call a lunchtime protest on Wednesday. Get members on the school gates, dressed in Gove masks or dressed as Scrooge etc,  holding placards, looking lively.
Whatever you do, take a picture and email it to and
2) Get EVERY  individual member possible to send an email to Christine and Kevin saying that they want action. A form of  words to paste in to an email is pasted at the end of this message. This can be used as a motion or as a petition.
If you’re in London, Connaught school NUT members are about to take their 8th day of strike action against academy conversion. Rush message os solidarity to our  Paul Phillips, the school rep,
The school’s governing body meets on wednesday 12th December and teachers and parent campaigners are calling for support for a lobby on the night.
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