NUT/NASUWT Joint Action – reports from schools

Two weeks  in and there’s a lot going on. Where members have met and discussed the action and agreed a response then improvements have been made. The key is to meet together and discuss and then arrange to send a rep/delegation to the Head to tell them the action that you will be taking. Most Heads will have concerns but we can and are winning them around.

Globe Academy members meet every Tuesday with an organising group meeting every Friday and haev an on-going dialogue with the new principal – they are making gains around performance management/learning walks/cover and are beginning to win back their work-life balance as well as more autonomy. This has always been a school where members and management have engaged generally in a positive way so I am optimistic that we will have more positves to report here.

Comber Grove – the members met and agreed to stand by all of the phase 1 action

Heber – the members met and were concerned about a local authority visit, which was to involve lesson observations – they stood their ground and the visit involved no lesson observations.

St George’s (Camberwell) the members met and faced with some resistance from the Head are looking at escalating their action.

Friars – the members met and agreed to stand by all of the phase 1 action

St Saviours – Members met and agreed to stand by some of the action points

Highshore: members met and agreed to stand by all of the phase 1 actionoints


What about your school?

How to make a start?

Arrange to meet with fellow NUT/NASUWT members to discuss the what are the concerns at your school. Invite me or Betty in if it would help. Go through the list of actions from the phase 1 action short of strike action and decide which ones are relevant to your school – agree a take to the Headteacher – then take the actions agreed. Meet more regularly (weekly) to report and decide next steps – simples!

If you meet any resistance whilst taking this LAWFUL/PROTECTED action then let me know and we will discuss excalating your action possibly to school-based (paid) strike action

Michael Daven

Joint Secretary

Southwatk NUT


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