Non Strike Action starts this Wednesday – you need to meet with other NUT/NASUWT members and decide on your collective non strike action – template letter to Head below

Below  is a fill in the blanks letter to the HT with the action which the members have decided to take being the blanks. You need to meet with other members to fill in the blanks  ideally prior to Weds with this letter being  sent to the head (by me if necessary) once you have met. Our recent ballot means that this action is protected.

I am happy to attend a resultant  meeting with your Head, since they could be nervous about our action with likely responses being that the children/young people will suffer (not true) other schools won’t do this (so our pupils will be disdadvantaged) – a weak argument which can be argued against or: stronger action in defiance of our action, in which case we will need to escalate our action. For this reason we are recommending that most schools start with the big ones (observations/planning) and then extend the non-strike action into other areas. Faced with a stronger response where members face intimidation or victimisation we would seek with the members to name a date for school based strike action.
Our branch meeting is Weds eve in Camberwell from 5pm (hot food and drink provided). It would be great to see you and your colleagues there on the first day of this joint action with the NASUWT. If meeting members is difficult then I am happy to come into school and talk about this action – even after the 26th if that is the only way for us to do it.
In solidarity,
Michael Davern
Joint Secretary
Southwark NUT
Template letter below


Dear Head Teacher,

You will no doubt be aware of the recent NUT workload ballot and the joint NUT/NASUWT action against a bullying government/OFSTED driven inspection regime and its leading to high teacher and Head Teacher stress levels , a bullying culture and excessive workload with no feeling for the well-being of the profession.


The NUT/NASUWT members at ……………………….. school met recently and had concerns about the following issues








So in line with the non-strike action beginning on Weds 26th they have decided  the following:









We believe that this action is the best way to deal with this issue and we hope that like many other Heads you will support this lawful and protected action, where there is opposition or members feel victimised or their action is undermined then the action would be escalated up to and including school based strike action, although obviously we are hoping that it won’t come to that and that you will support the stand our members/your staff are making against a bullying inspection-led  (and not learner led) centered system of education).


If you have an questions please do contact us. Along with our school reps we would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss this action.

Michael Davern

Betty Joseph

Southwark NUT

James Lewis

Southwark NASUWT

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