500,000 on strike on May 10th. Support your local strikers. Attend the demo on Thursday @ 5:30

buddam19612002@yahoo.co.uk – send message of support

Attend the Pay Cut demo at the DFE 5:30 on Thursday

On Thursday 10 May up to 500,000 workers will strike across the country.


This action comes on the back on the drubbing the Tories have just received in the polls and the election results in Greece, France and Germany…the anti austerity movement is on the march.


Despite the stuttering nature of the pensions fight it’s clear that a successful strike on 10 May can feed into calls for further action with, crucially, the NUT executive meeting to discuss action in June (union policy) on 10 May itself.


Even in the last couple of days any school/association that sends a message to the NEC backing action in June could make a difference.



  • Support the M10 strikers. We should be collecting and getting messages of support for all those workers taking action. The UCU took action with NUT on M28, it would be good to return the favour. You can send messages of support to UCU members in at Southbank University: buddam19612002@yahoo.co.uk 


  • In the evening on M10 join the “Joint associations” demo at the Department for Education, 5.30-6.30pm,‎ Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London, Greater London SW1P

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