Gove wants EVERY school to be an academy. Be proactive and fight to save your school from becoming an academy.

We need every group of members in every community school to meet and discuss academisation. The NUT is against academies so we would hope that you would pass the simple motion below:

“We the members of …………. school are opposed to our school becoming an academy”

You could be one governing body meeting away from a decision to become an academy, so be proactive and meet and pass this motion. We will also be resending information on academies to all governors who we also hope will pass this motion.

What is often lacking when schools decide to convert to an academy (or are forced to convert) is a DEBATE. The pros of academisation (largely around having extra money) are highlighted, and the negatives are ignored. Start the debate now and should your governing body decided to convert then let us know ASAP and we can work with you and the community to keep your school as a community school.

There is lots of spin around academies, but for up to date information visit to see why your union is so against academies and Free Schools. If you would like someone to come in a speak about academies contact –

This is a link to the NUT’s campaigning materials on academies:

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