NUT Conference Report Day 5 – Tuesday

The final session and before any unfinished motions conference voted to increase participation and female participation in particular. From next year a new speaker card system will be introduced to bring an end to queuing on a Saturday morning to get to speak at conference. This system was seen as unfair particularly to women.

Unfinished motions
Workload – passed almost unanimously. Now let’s fight harder through industrial action and action short of action to reduce workload. A boycott of Ofsted inspections would be a good start.
The Government/The economy – conference was reminded that the government’s programme of cuts was an ideological choice of this government set on privatising the public sector and breaking the unions.
Sixth form colleges – motion passed to look at National Action
Primary Academies – Michael Davern (Joint Secretary) spoke on this.and conference was reminded that Gove’s plan was for all schools to become academies and that we should be fighting this in all schools – the motion was passed.
women’s place is in the union – a conference for women activists was approved and initiatives to encourage greater female participation were encouraged – Motion passed.
A lay led union – reduction in facility time would be strongly challenged whilst at the same time support would be provided for members with secretaries without facility time – passed
Inclusion – the union continued to encourage inclusion and would resist the increased segregation that is planned by the govt with an Special Schools being run for profit.

General Secretary’s speech
Highlights on twitter #nut2012

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