NUT Conference Report Day 4 – Monday

Interesting morning session at NUT conference. Debates as follows:

Trade union rights
Conference was informed that the lead tory MP on reducing Trade Union rights was Aden Burley MP – the same MP who is being pursued by the french government for wearing Nazi Regalia and giving a Nazi salute whilst on holiday. Apparently he has apologised to the Jewish Chronicle. Conference was reminded that the Nazis also victimised the disabled, homosexuals as well as trade union members. A delegate spoke about the need to break the anti trade union laws just as the UNITE union electricians did so successfully recently.

The Government
Delegates speaking all pointed out that this ideologically driven government was behind almost all of our issues raised at conference and that we need to join up all fights working with others to defeat them.

Conference was clear that whilst being against academies we are not against those who work in them and the young people who go to them. Inspirational campaigns such as at Downhills need to be replicated not as pockets of resistance but as part of a new national Campaign For Education

The morning session closed as we began to debate Primary Academies and forced academies in general

Afternoon session

Solidarity with Egyptian workers – great speeches FOR, as were reminded that Egyptian workers including teachers were fighting for many of the same things that we are too – Motion to support Egyptian workers strongly passed

Racism in education – some good speeches here, conference was reminded that the existence of the EDL and recent racist incidents in football had increased racism in schools. The union was urged to continue to work with Show Racism the Red Card etc

Equalities Motions

Black Teachers’ Conference – conference was told of the over proportion of BME teachers in casework – particularly capability. The data gathered on this should be used to fight this discriminatory practise conference was told – passed unanimously


Conference was told of the attacks on the disabled (42 cuts that impact disabled people). We were all reminded that we could all become disabled. The NUT will be affiliated to Disabled People Against the Cuts – passed unanimously


Conference was reminded that the tory led government was looking to a return to section 28 in its use of school funding agreements. Gove has also said that school curriculum is not covered by Equalities Act (2010). In the USA anti bullying policies are being watered down through legislation that protects the bully with his/her right to express their views protected. We should be wary of any moves this way in the UK and the NUT should continue to work with Pride and other organisations – passed unanimously.

Buidling a lay-led union – this went to a division vote and results and report will be tomorrow.

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