NUT Conference Report day 2 – Saturday

An interesting day so far – see tweets @southwarknut #nut2012

Morning session – performance management/new capability proceedings conference heard that most casework in this area was with members over forty. The new appraisal changes were discussed and conference pledged to encourage members to fight this school by school by school, region by region and nationally as a link to our national strike action in June over pensions.

Campaign Teacher Meeting – see tweets @southwarknut #nut2012

Afternoon Session – Pensions

The big one – lively debate, heartened by news from NASUWT conference of strike action in Autumn – in the meantime Conference agreed strike action in June, which would follow a rolling programme of regional action in May/June with strikes with the NASUWT the Autumn. This is a war and we are in it till we win it. More details and a timetable of strikes to follow.

Anti – Academies Alliance meeting – a massive attendance (standing room only) heard from the Downhills school parents and their inspirational campaign to save their school from forced academisation at the hands of a Gove triggered (ahem) OFSTED inspection. With the governing body being replaced by our old friends from Harris. The teachers are now being balloted for sustained strike action. In Birmingham all threatened schools are being balloted for strike action against becoming a forced academy. Clearly the battle against forced academies is is key. Gove was reported as saying that he doesn’t want another Downhills but if we get forced academies threatened in Southwark or anywhere else then we need a Downhills type response.

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