Why you need to STRIKE on Weds AND DEMONSTRATE too

We understand that members would have wished for national action on Wednesday, but the Executive decided upon regional action starting with the region that got the strongest response: London. The overall national turnout was 23% but I have yet to hear from a member who agrees with the government or one who feels that we should give up.  The NUT has called members out for Weds and we need a big turnout, a poor turnout will not move things forward or inspire other regions and unions to come on board, so the best way that you can fight these changes is to STRIKE on Weds and DEMONSTRATE. November 30th was the biggest strike ever in Britain but the demonstrations were half the size that they should have been. If you disagree with this governement over pensions, workload, OFSTED, Forced academies, new capability procedures you have to be on the demo and outside the DFE on Wednesday. The march and demo will last a couple of hours between 11 and 1 and then everyone can go and enjoy the lovely weather and not be inside a stuffy classroom.

A big turnout will encourage a lively debate at NUT easter conference and then we wil see bigger further action, national and regional over one and two days in ther summer term. If you believe that we should be fighting on then you need to strike and attend the demo on Weds.

See you there – any qs 07983475050 or secretary@southwarknut.org.uk

Assemble 11 am at UCU Malet Street – Near Goodge Street Station


Michael Davern

Joint Secretary

Southwark NUT

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