Why you still need to strike on Weds when it’s only London and it’s only the NUT?

We have had some members asking  this question. So I thought that I would answer it here:

We should have gone for a national strike, but with the union looking at regional as well as national action in the future it was decided to have a regional strike this time starting with our strongest region: London.  The union has called out London members this time so it is key that we have a big turnout. So even if you think it should have been a national strike – you should still support Wednesday’s strike and the only meaningful way to do that is by striking,

Although we will continue to push for national action the next regional strike won’t be in London so it won’t always be the same members losing a day’s pay – a day’s pay, which  although is significant, is nothing when compared to the £100, 000s that has been stolen from your pension by a governement keen to hand out money to the rich.

Each time we have struck we have won concessions but not enough. Osborne was talking about retiring at 70 in his budget speech and we are unhappy with 68!

We simply have to keep fighting and need you to strike on Weds. If you disagree with what is happening to your pension you have to keep fighting, we can still win, other unions can be inspired by us for another national strike – why not two day’s next time?

Everytime we do something we win something – so let’s keep doing. As a result of  our two days of strike action last year the average wage loss was about £100 per member, but we won back £000’s per member in concessions. So we have to keep on going, even though it may take a few more strikes to get to an outcome we are happy with. The fightback starts next Weds – see you there.

Michael Davern

Joint Secretary

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