Strike day arrangements update 23/03/12

On the day there are a number of options for you: In terms of maximising the impact of the strike – meeting fellow strikers at the school is always a good option. Standing proudly outside enagaging with those going to work, having a chat with parents explainingwhy you are striking and encouraging all NUT members to join you are all useful things to do before heading off to the demo.  We do have leaflets to give to parents (M28 parents leaflet) and there is no better way to be proud of the action you ar taking. Please let me know if you plan to meet up at school and picket. Picketing nowadays is not about stopping people from going to work but a chance to show and tell why you ar taking action and to be visibly taking action, not by your absence but by your attendance outside the school.

Alternatively you could head for South Bank Uni (8:30 to 10) – Students’ Union – to make banners, have breakfast and then travel up to the main demo together.

Alternatively you could just head to UCU Malet Street for the main demo (March 28 poster) (and the March on Gove and the DFE @ 11 am. Remember although this strike (the precurser to more regional and national action in the summer) is about pensions – the march on the DFE will give us a chance to also demonstrate our feelings about: workload/OFSTED/Performance Management changes/forced academies/Free Schools etc Please circulate this email to members at the school and direct them to: for local strike information and for more general information Please let me know if you need anything, otherwise I’ll see you on 28th March


Michael Davern

Joint Secretary

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