We have twinned(tripled/qaudrupled?) with Brighton/Sheffield/Derby and Calderdale NUT – here is a message of support

Calderdale NUT sends best wishes and  support to all NUT and UCU colleagues in Southwark demonstrating  in London on March 28.

Although  we could not stand with you physically today, we stand with you in  solidarity as you are  taking the next step in the Pensions Campaign on behalf of all of us.

We would much prefer to be acting in  unison and feel somewhat frustrated that we will only be allowed to  watch.

At a time when the Government continues to humiliate our profession  with continuous and multi-pronged attacks, we can’t face the ‘choice’ of  retiring ‘early’ into poverty or dropping-out of the pensions scheme because of  the increased cost to our pensions.

We need to  continue to fight for our pensions or we will be left with an education system  that will fail both teachers and students and be unrecognisable by the next  election.

Sue  McMahon

Calderdale NUT  Divisional Secretary

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