London Pensions strike is set for March 28th

Steered by the Executive and the survey of the members the NUT National Officers decided to call a one day Regional Strike starting with our strongest Region in the capital. We will once again be striking with PCS and UCU  as well as the national teaching unions in Wales/Scotland and Northern Ireland. Members will wonder why a National Strike wasn’t called. This is because we are looking at holding regional action during the summer term – spreading the action around different parts of the country, backed up by national action, where appropriate with other unions. This regional action in the summer will also be about workload, but for now the action is to defend pensions and for now we are the only education union taking action – although we do hope that the other unions pressured by their members will join us next time.

We still believe that we can win  and thus we keep fighting. Each time that we have taken action there have been concessions, so we have no choice but to continue, but we need March 28th to be solid so:

* talk to fellow members in school – tell them that they need to take action to defend their pension – they cannot ask others to take the action for them. Not striking because they will lose a day’s pay (on average £50 net) is a false economy – when the governement is stealing £100,000’s from them. It would be worth sacrificing  a day’s pay if e.g. the retirement age was lowered etc. All our benefits were won in the past by people taking action (and losing pay)

Tell colleagues also that a low turnout on Wednesday week will make it more difficult for other regions to take action. It’s up to London NUT branches and members to have a big day. It’s up to you – it’s up to us.

*Hold an emergency  meeting in your school to discuss: Why we are fighting on, What happens on the day? Meet up at school to picket? Agree and send a simple motion to asking for national strike action as well as regional action in the summer term:

(Dear Christine, the members at …………………school met and voted for National Action as well as Regional Action in the summer term)

If you have any questions email The,uk website will have FAQs on strike action as before as well as fresh information on this strike and the plan for further action from here. Information on this strike and future action will be going to members directly this week. See you on the 28th if not before.

Michael Davern

Joint Secretary

Southwark NUT


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1 Response to London Pensions strike is set for March 28th

  1. mwdavern says:

    Letter to members from Christine Blower:

    Dear colleague
    Strike to defend teacher pensions on 28 March
    As you will hopefully know, the NUT is calling a one day strike and demonstration in London on 28 March as the next step in the pensions campaign. Our lecturer colleagues in the UCU will
    join us in a strike across all phases of education.
    I am writing to urge you to support both the strike and then demonstration. By working together we can send a clear message to Government that teachers and lecturers do not accept its pension proposals and reinforce our demand that it re-opens negotiations.
    Don’t forget that our case is simple and just: The Government still hasn’t carried out the
    valuation of the teachers’ pension scheme and has produced no evidence to back its claim
    that our scheme, which was reformed in 2007, is unaffordable.

    Yet teachers are still being asked to work longer, pay more and get less: Any teacher
    under 34 faces having to work to 68 or even longer to get a full pension. All of us are
    being asked to pay 50% more and to get much less due to the change in indexation.
    The London action is just the start: The NUT is planning to take action in other parts of
    England and Wales and is seeking to bring other unions into this work, and these next
    steps will be discussed at our conference over Easter.
    Strike action does work: Our strikes in June and November have won some useful
    concessions but we need to win more.

    Strong support for the campaign: In our recent survey a massive 95% of respondents told
    us that they support us continuing our campaign. An overwhelming 73% said that they
    are prepared to take further strike action on pensions.

    Don’t forget: The vast majority of teaching unions have not signed up to the
    Government’s proposals and we are pleased that the NASUWT has stated that its Annual
    Conference at Easter will determine the next phase in its industrial action strategy. We
    will be doing everything we can to work with other teacher unions, including the
    NASUWT, in developing the campaign.

    We need teacher unions to work together: We have always known that the pensions
    campaign will be a long one. Its success is dependent on as many teacher unions as
    possible working together.


    How can I help the campaign?
    􀀀 Ask your NUT representative to hold a meeting urgently to discuss plans for the day
    􀀀 If there is no NUT rep in your school, please get together with your colleagues to elect
    one. They should then let your division/association secretary know that they have been
    elected. Contact details for your local secretary can be found at
    􀀀 Attend the central London demonstration on 28 March. Full details of this will be
    posted at
    􀀀 Sign the joint NUT/NASUWT petition to Government. You can access this from
    􀀀 Talk to other teachers in your workplace about the NUT’s policy that there should be
    one union for all teachers. The NUT is in favour of a merger of the existing unions so
    that teachers are better able to defend themselves and the education service.
    􀀀 If there are any teachers in your school who are not in a union, please ask them to join
    the NUT. They can join online at or by calling 0845 300
    1669 or 020 7380 6369 during office hours.
    􀀀 Show colleagues the materials on our website at
    including our pensions calculator, parents leaflet and FAQs about the strike
    It is your commitment that has won concessions from Government so far and your
    fantastic support that will take the campaign forward to its next stage.
    For all the latest developments in the campaign check

    You can also keep up to date with all the latest educational developments by following
    us on Twitter at

    With best wishes
    General Secretary

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