VOTE YES in strike survey – Southwark NUT Emergency Meeting on Pensions votes for continued action on pensions and then workload.

The meeting last week agreed to encourage members to vote YES in the pensions survey and to explain why we recommend a YES vote:

Why vote YES?
A) we can still win, the retirement age of 68 can be lowered – this was shockingly raised from 66 to 68 at the last moment of negotiations with the government so we can roll that back but only if we continue to fight.
B) The amount we gain at retirement and in retirement can be increased
And then the increased contributions due from April’s salary can be rolled back.
C) Last year’s action did win some concessions, but as Kevin Courtney puts it they (the governemnt) has robbed us of ten pounds and given us back one pound fifty. Further action gives us a chance to win more concessions – no action on pensions would mean that these changes will be introduced and you will have to:
Work longer
Pay more (from April)
And get less at the end

Members have asked about the other education unions and action on March 28th. Unfortunately it will be the NUT alone taking action in our sector, however UCU, PCS and the teaching unions in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be with us. The biggest union UNITE is also with us – meaning a million people on strike – the same amount as on June 30th.

The Fire Brigades Union is also up for action with us in the summer term as are the medical unions, at that point we might also see UNISON, GMB and NASUWT joining our summer action as their members put pressure on them to fight.

If we want to fight over workload as well as pensions in the summer – we need to fight over pensions now.

Members have queried the strategy of one day of action every three months. This is not the current plan and from March 28th we are looking to escalate the action – and use a variety of methods including working to rule/regional strikes. To beat this government not just over pensions but over punitive OFSTED inspections, workload and the bullies’ charter that is the new performance management system from September.

When you vote YES in the NUT pensions survey you are voting to show that you disagree with the way that you are being treated in general not just over pensions – which are deferred salary remember but also over workload and lesson observations etc.

If you would like a school meeting on this contact:

VOTE YES to both questions and let’s fight on together.

If we fight we might win, if we don’t fight we lose anyway.


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3 Responses to VOTE YES in strike survey – Southwark NUT Emergency Meeting on Pensions votes for continued action on pensions and then workload.

  1. stefanie hedley says:


  2. Cath Ollerton says:

    We have to strike. There’s no other way.

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