Support the NEU members on strike tomorrow at City of London Academy in Bermondsey

Sixty plus teachers will be on strike tomorrow at the school. Pickets from 6:30 am. The strike is against punitive performance management and support plans for teachers. Messages of support to

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We’re worth a decent pay rise!


“We note that successive years of below-inflation pay deals has seen teachers’ pay fall in real terms by 13%.” other public sector unions are campaigning for a real pay rise.

In particular we note 14 health unions have written to the government, not waiting on pay review bodies, demanding a 3.9 percent plus £800 rise – matching the current RPI measure of inflation which includes housing costs and a flat rate on top to begin to restore cuts in living standards.

We resolve to draw up a pay claim along similar lines that is appropriate to begin to reverse the cuts in teachers’ living standards and submit it before the planned demonstration on pay in London on 17 October.

We further resolve to launch a campaign in the wake of that demo with the aim of preparing the union to be able to call and win a national strike ballot if the government does not meet our claim.

Such a campaign should include pay rallies around England and Wales, preferably alongside other public sector unions also fighting for a real pay rise. We should invite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell and other members of the Labour Party leadership to join such rallies.

The campaign should also include popularising the claim by flooding schools with material such as posters, stickers, flags and the like. We should also see what lessons can be learnt from the campaign by the CWU to ensure a high turnout in their ballot in Royal Mail.

Consideration should also be given to using tactics such as internal union indicative ballots or online ballots to prepare the ground for calling and winning a national action ballot.”


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Strike notifications HAVE been sent

We have had a number of queries on this with Heads saying that they did not receive either the notification of ballot and the notification of strike. We have checked these with our Regional Office and they have stated that both notifications were sent to all schools. They are sending duplicates with the advice from HQ being that members are legally protected when striking on Tuesday.

Southwark NUT

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Strike on Tuesday 5th July advice for reps and members

Southwark Teachers Association

Briefing for NUT Reps    and members  

Subject: NUT strike action on July 5th


After careful consideration of the political situation, the NUT had confirmed that a one day strike will go ahead on Tuesday July 5th – I hope that you will support the strike and join us for a demonstration and rally in central London.

Whenever we take strike action there are many questions from Reps and members and there is an FAQs document on the NUT website which addresses these in detail.

However, we do know that the timing of this particular strike has prompted some specific questions and I want to address this for you here – please take the time to read this and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.


The NUT was working on information received the Eid would be on 6th or 7th July and aimed to avoid these dates. We do recognise that there is now some uncertainty about the date and that some schools may decide to close for Eid on Tuesday July 5th – if this does happen then no pay should be deducted as it is not a working day.


The ballot was timed so that we could hold a strike this term and we are now constrained by the UK’s very restrictive trade union laws, which mean that if we do not take this action we would have to re-ballot in September – note: under the UK’s union laws there is no option of simply delaying action to September; action must be started within 28 days of the ballot closing.


This has been considered very seriously and we believe the demands our strike is putting forward are now more important than ever.

Schools are facing a very difficult budget because George Osborne has FROZEN the money he gives schools, while INCREASING the money he takes from them.

As a result we are already seeing:

  • increases in class sizes and workload,
  • TA support being cut
  • cuts to subjects especially Arts subjects,
  • less individual attention for children,
  • more limits on pay progression
  • worsening of terms and conditions for teachers.

The referendum result makes it all the more important that we highlight these issues, if inflation now rises then George Osborne’s funding freeze will damage education even more.

It is also vital for the Government to acknowledge that they bear the responsibility for increasing class sizes and reduced support for vulnerable children. They are not the result of immigration, but due to deliberate decisions by the government, which have created a lack of funding and of school place planning.

We are therefore calling on Nicky Morgan and George Osborne to commit to investing in education, not cutting it. This is in the interest of our country as well as our children’s education and our teachers and support staff. The Union has written to Nicky Morgan outlining some steps she could take which would allow us to suspend our action.


Yes, we are now steadily receiving reports that schools will be closed on the day due to our strike action. Since the strike was announced over 1,000 new members have joined the NUT and our local branch has gained XXXX members in the last two weeks.





Yes, a number of campaigns have recently been set up by parents ,who share our concerns about government policy. We are encouraged that these groups are supporting our campaign and strike action and will be speaking at rallies, see here:

Let Kids Be Kids

Rescue Our Schools

Parents Defending Education

The NUT has produced a leaflet for parents explaining the reasons for the strike and asking them to support us – a number of heads have agreed to send this home to parents.

The die is now cast and our strike is on, we now have to make it is as big, successful and visible as possible – please do discuss this with colleagues and support your Union in its campaign for teachers, children and schools.

Thanks and best wishes,

Michael Davern


For more details or copies of the documents referred to here please go to the NUT website

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URGENT NUT meeting tonight – Wilson Road SE5 8PD – NUT ballot for strike action against the white paper

NUT meeting tonight (WEDS 27th April) from 5:15 (but come when you can – hot food!) the theme is: what can you do in your school to organise for the ballot against The White Paper?

The NUT ballot will open in four weeks and the NUT Conference recommended a strong yes vote on a high turnout – to send a firm message to the government.

To do this we need EVERY member to:

Organise/attend a union meeting in school in the next two weeks. Send someone along to tonight’s branch meeting – where we are hoping that a Junior Doctor will attend.

We also need you to:

Check that your membership data – especially your address is up to date. You may have moved but the union still has your old address you can do this online here: – members  will need their membership number and will need to set up a Login on first visit – they then can update membership details – changes of address/school e


PLEASE DO THIS this week in good time for the ballot. Please also let us know when members will at your school will be meeting to discuss the ballot – meeting materials are here:



We also decided to do a stall in Dulwich on Saturday the 21st and a joint public meeting with Junior Doctors on the 28th VENUES TBA and will be asking members to help get the message out THAT:

What we are saying about The White Paper:

It’s the wrong priority The Government should be dealing with the real issues facing schools and parents; the growing teacher shortage, the lack of pupil places, the curriculum chaos and the funding crisis.


 It’s ineffective The Government hasn’t produced evidence that academies improve education. Prof Stephen Machin says “I don’t think we have any evidence on that so far. We certainly have no evidence at all for primary schools.”3


 It’s undemocratic The Conservatives didn’t include this proposal in their manifesto last year. The proposal will remove the requirement to have elected parent governors, it denies parents a voice in whether their school becomes an academy or which chain or multi academy trust the school joins.


It’s expensive – See more at:


Reps training will be on the  19th May – we will be writing to Reps and Headteachers


Activists meeting/organising meeting is also being arranged – please let us know if you would like to be involved in organising any of the above and let is know when your school NUT meeting will be if we don’t see you tonight.



Michael Davern

Joint Secretary









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Get ready for the ballot on strike action – we need to all help to get the vote out

Hopefully you have had something of a break from teacher workload over the Easter holidays. I certainly wouldn’t usually email you outside term time, but then these are not usual times!

Get ready for a ballot for national strike action

NUT Annual Conference agreed policy on a whole range of issues not least over our campaign against the White Paper and its threat of forced academisation of all schools. Delegates voted overwhelmingly for a ballot for discontinuous national action beginning with a one-day strike planned for early July and with further days planned to follow.

Our dispute is over the threat to funding and jobs, pay and conditions. In London, we already know that funding cuts threaten education budgets. We already know how performance pay and excessive workload are threatening teachers. However, the White Paper threatens even greater deregulation for teachers – in both existing academies and maintained schools. As the NUT DGS Kevin Courtney explained, it would mean “teachers and support staff will be left at the mercy of negotiations with individual academy chains, their chief executives and boards, with no elected parent governors. These are the same chief executives lambasted by Ofsted’s chief executive Sir Michael Wilshaw for paying themselves too much … This sort of deregulation is always introduced to drive down pay and conditions, not to improve them. It is about getting education on the cheap”. In defending our conditions, we are defending education too.

The strike ballot doesn’t open until May 23rd, but we will need your help from the beginning of term checking membership records and encouraging, explaining and preparing colleagues for the vote. Look out for further news about special reps’ meetings being organised in your Division to build for the ballot.

If you are willing to volunteer to assist the campaign, particularly in making calls to members in schools without reps, do give the Union your details via

Support the Junior Doctors

In closing Conference, NUT General Secretary Christine Blower made clear that we are supporting the Junior Doctors in their parallel campaign to defend their contracts. Their next strike action will be on April 6 and 7 which, for most teachers, falls in our holidays.

BMA North Thames Junior Doctor Representatives have written to me extending an invitation to all teachers, parents, students and governors in all local communities to join them on hospital gates and public events they have arranged during the days of action. Please do look out for information in your local area and show your support if you can.

Many thanks for all the vital work you do for the Union as a school representative


Regional Secretary, London NUT


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No forced academies – demo at 5pm next Thursday Westminster Cathedral and march to protest at DFE

Schools need more:
* teachers
* money
* places
* NOT ideology
Assemble: March 23rd, 5pm, Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Street SW1P 1QW, March to Department for Education, Map:

For a flyer to share on social media, upload via:

Please come to the demonstration and bring your colleagues and friends

Let’s Stand Up For Education

Regional Secretary, London NUT
NUT London Regional Office
90 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1PP
Office: 020 8477 1234
Office email:
Twitter: @NUTLondonOffice

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Primary SATs fiasco

Dear colleague

The Primary Assessment Fiasco

Assessment at KS1 and KS2 is badly planned and chaotically managed. It is not surprising that teachers are up in arms.

In the face of teachers’ anger and dismay, the DfE has made some last-minute concessions. The timetable for moderation of teacher assessment has become more realistic. The notion of redefining the “expected standard” at a higher level has been watered down, though not entirely abandoned. There is less explicit emphasis on a tick-box approach to the assessment of writing.

But many problems remain. The DfE has not ruled out using 2016 assessment results in making decisions about supposed “underperformance”. The results of SPAG tests will still be referred to, in determining pupils’ levels of achievement. Tick sheets may have been shelved, but teachers are still required to use the criteria on which they are based, and are pushed towards overloading of pupils with work, to ensure that these criteria can be met. Many children with dyslexia and SEND will be assessed against criteria that are indifferent to their needs and do not allow recognition of their abilities. Above all, instead of enabling a broad and balanced learning experience, the demands of testing narrow the focus of primary education to numeracy and literacy.

Policy and guidance are constantly changing, in a situation which is deeply unsatisfactory for children and for teachers. The Union is therefore calling on Nicky Morgan to cancel primary assessment arrangements in 2015/16. Primary assessment will be a major issue at the Union’s Conference, and the campaign will continue into the new term. In the meantime, we are asking you to:

keep up to date with the campaign, and get Union advice by visiting our website
use the Union’s letter template to email your concerns to your MP
tweet #cancelthetests about why Morgan must act
add your name to the 53,000 others that have signed the teacher-initiated petition to cancel the KS2 tests and the 17,000 who are calling for a return to teacher assessment at KS1
We’re working closely with other unions and further advice on workload will be available next week on the website.

Don’t buy baseline

With its allies in the Better without Baseline campaign, the Union has campaigned hard against Baseline Assessment and the flawed system of school accountability it supports. News reports now suggest that the Government is reconsidering the future of baseline – though this is by no means confirmed.

The Union is pressing the Government to drop Baseline Assessment, and encouraging schools not to participate. Baseline Assessment isn’t statutory. Schools have a choice, and they can choose not to opt in.

In 2015 more than 2,000 schools did not opt in to Baseline Assessment. This year make sure your school joins them.

Visit for campaign resources and the facts on Baseline Assessment
Tweet #notbuyingbaseline and email if you’re not buying it
Talk to your school governors about not opting in.
Yours sincerely

NUT General Secretary

Click here to Unsubscribe from all NUT emails

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

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Public meeting against Islamophobia this Thursday 10th March – central London

Public meeting
Thursday 10 March • 6.30 pm
Bloomsbury Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, WC2H 8EP

• Salma Yaqoob
• Lindsey German
• Moazzam Begg
• Kevin Courtney
• Maz Saleem
• Sabby Dhalu
• Mohammed Umar Farooq

This important meeting will discuss the various forms and consequences of the rise of Islamophobia, and the ways to challenge and defeat it.

Among various other consequences of this anti-Muslim prejudice, violence and discrimination, it has also severely damaged and limited the humanitarian response to the refugee crisis which was largely caused by Western interventions, occupations and subsequent wars. Obscenely, the UK government has deported thousands of child refugees back to the war zones of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (including the war-ravaged city of Aleppo). Islamophobia produces heartlessness even towards child victims of war.

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Motion to pass in your school on SATs and Assessment

Motion on SATs and Assessment for school NUT groups
This motion was drafted following a special meeting of primary teachers to discuss the growing concerns about the arrangements for SATs and Teacher Assessment this year. Please discuss this in your school group and let us know if you pass the motion.

This NUT meeting notes that the government’s arrangements for KS1 and KS2 are causing chaos and confusion amongst teachers in schools.
In particular we note that:
i) ‘exemplifications indicate the new expected standards for writing are beyond that which it is reasonable to expect most children to achieve.’
ii) the lack of guidance given by government along with the vagueness and unhelpfulness of what has been published, is not sufficient for teachers to be able to make accurate assessments.
ii) KS2 Children are being tested on a curriculum that they have only been taught for two years – they are being set up to fail.;
iv) The new standards do not promote the depth and understanding of learning that good, age appropriate pedagogy would require;
v) the fact that the government will not determine the benchmarks for schools until after the SATs is creating great uncertainty, particularly in the climate of fear around forced academisation.
We further note that the government is considering dropping plans for Baseline Assessment on the grounds that the different schemes are not comparable and that the recent NUT survey showed that the overwhelming majority of teachers do not believe it to be a reliable form of assessment.
We therefore resolve to:
i) support the NUT campaign for KS1 and KS2 SATs to be cancelled this year and for schools not to opt-in to Baseline Assessment;
ii) call all on teacher unions to work together to put pressure on the government to cancel KS1 and 2 tests this year and to drop plans for Baseline Assessment;
iii) work with other local schools to build a campaign on testing and to explain our concerns to parents;
iv) support a boycott of SATs and the current arrangements for teacher assessment by teachers in this school if there enough schools will take similar action;
v) call on the headteacher and governors of this school to indicate that they are prepared to boycott Teacher Assessment and SATs for this year;
vi) call on the headteacher and governors to indicate that the school will not opt-in to Baseline Assessment in 2016;
vii) inform the local NUT association and other schools of our decision;
vii) call on the local NUT association to discuss our concerns with local headteachers and the Local Authority Advisory Team.

Motion passed by NUT members at __________________________________________School
Date of meeting: ________________
Number of NUT members present: _____
Please e-mail this to:

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