SATs boycott 2020 – build the ballot meeting is tomorrow evening in Peckham

The Clock House pub, Peckham Rye 17:30-19:00 hot food and drink – please come along and help build the ballot to make this the last year of SATs


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Damion Hinds’ figures do not add up


Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, has been caught fudging the figures to deceive the public about what’s really happening to school funding. This isn’t the first time.

And now the UK Statistics Authority has warned the Department for Education:

Watch now

The Department for Education has even gone so far as to include tuition fees – those paid by students – into its claims on education spending, to distort the reality for schools.1

As Damian Hinds continues to replay the same line, that there is ‘more school funding than ever before’, the Government’s own statistics authority has refuted this claim.

Misleading the country is not acceptable. And in the face of a school funding crisis – as schools are forced to shorten weeks, cut supplies and let go staff2 – it’s simply insulting.

We cannot allow the Education Secretary to mislead parents and teachers. There are certain standards in public life that are just so basic we can’t let them slip.

We will continue to scrutinise the Government’s numbers to ensure that everyone knows the truth about what’s happening to our schools.

Please help by sharing this video with every parent and teacher you know, especially tagging anyone who might still be in doubt that schools are in crisis.

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Andrew Baisley

Data Lead, School Cuts Campaign

1. Source: 2 October 2018, BBC News. “DFE caught adding tuition fees to school funding claims”.

2. Source: 5 September 2018, Daily Mail. “Schools threaten to scrap Friday afternoon lessons and cut pupils’ hours to a 4.5-day week to save cash”

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Stand up to racism – upcoming events

– Sat 13 Oct – the racist ‘Democratic’ Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) have organised a demonstration for bigots and Islamophobes in London. Come to the counter-protest in central London; encourage others from your workplace, uni or trade union branch to come with you. (Details)

– Sat 20 Oct – a major international conference at Friends House, Euston, hosted by Stand Up To Racism and supported by the TUC: ‘How do we defeat the rise of fascism & racism?’ (Full list of speakers, workshops & tickets). You can book as an individual or, better still, come with others from your workplace/place of study/place of worship.

– Sat 17 Nov – A national demonstration against racism and fascism, supported by the TUC and by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and others takes place in London.

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Robbing Peter to pay Paul – no new money and still a pay cut

Delaying until the last possible moment before Westminster shut for the summer, Education Secretary Damian Hinds announced that some teachers will receive a pay increase of up to 3.5% this September.

It’s important that everyone understands what this means for our schools.

Here are the 3 things you need to know:


The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies confirmed that for 60% of teachers, this pay “increase” actually represents a real-terms pay cut. As a school community of parents, pupils and staff alike, we need to continue standing together with the teachers that teach our children.


The Treasury has not released any new money to fund this. That means the Department for Education will have to raid the needed £500m from other parts of education spending. Then schools will have to fund the rest from already stretched budgets. Until Chancellor Philip Hammond releases new school funding, the Government is robbing Peter to pay Paul — but both Peter and Paul are broke.


This won’t bring back the teachers and TAs our schools have already lost. We know schools lost 5,366 teachers in the last year while pupil numbers grew by 136,544*. As the school funding crisis deepens, this announcement does nothing to protect vital staff whose jobs are still on the line.

Share this graphic to make sure every parent in the country reading this week’s headlines knows the truth.

It’s unforgivable that time and time again, the Chancellor is denying schools the funding they need.

Parents, teachers, heads: our communities are speaking in one voice for the education our children deserve.

We can’t stop here and we won’t.

*Figures obtained from the Department for Education School Workforce Census 2017.

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A pay rise but without the extra funding to school won’t happen. Meeting on 13th September

Dear colleagues,

We had a decent turnout for our “where is the STRB?” protest at the DfE yesterday, for which we developed a theme of “Sherlcok Hinds and the Missing Report” complete with deerstalkers, magnifying glasses and a sniffer dog – some pictures are attached.

It now seems as though the STRB report will not be published until September which is truly outrageous and should make teachers very angry.

Whatever happens it is clear that we are going to have to mobilise members for a mass campaign on pay and funding and to make sure that school groups are meeting to discuss this.

As part of this we are calling a London Mobilising Meeting on Thursday 13th September at 6:00pm in Central Hall Westminster which we want to use to kick start the campaign across London.

Please do promote this to your reps and members and encourage them to book their place here.

More details will follow once we know the detail of the STRB Report and have confirmed speakers.

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Update on Saturday 14th July London demonstration against the fascists/ Tommy Robinson supporters




The far-right is gearing up for a big rally in support of Tommy Robinson on July 14th at Downing Street. They’ll hope to bring together the ‘Football Lads’ thugs with the international far-right, in a bid to repeat their success earlier this month.



This will give space for vile neo-Nazis and white nationalists to recruit. The 15,000-strong “Free Tommy” rally last June, was the largest outdoor mobilisation by fascists seen in Britain. It brought together nazis, the alt right and racist populists like Ukip. The bridge between the two is the Democratic Football Lads Alliance—which mobilised 2,500 onto the streets of London recently.



There’s a sense of a shift among many regarding the threat of the far right. Len McCluskey, the Unite the Union leader, was the latest to add his voice and support to demonstrations against the fascists in Leeds and on July 14th, in London. This is very welcome. A huge demonstration on July 13th against World’s Number One Racist Donald Trump, as well as a counter-protest against the far right on 14 July can help push back against the growth of the racist-right.



  • Assemble 1pm at Old Palace Yard, Westminster
  • 2pm March to Whitehall

There will be speakers at both points including:

  • Claude Moraes – MEP • Jean Lambert – MEP Talha Ahmed – Muslim Council of Britain •  Dilowar Khan – London Muslim Centre  Gerry Gable – Searchlight • Reverend Steven Saxby • Kiri Tunks – NEU President • Nita Sanghera – UCU Vice President • Jane Loftus – CWU Vice President  • Peter Kavanagh – Unite London • Steve Hedley – RMT deputy General Secretary  • Taranjit Chana – GMB London Region • Louise Regan – NEU • Shahrar Ali – Green Party


Updates and more can be found on the Facebook event page, here,



The fascists and racists have been fuelled by the racism of Donald Trump and the Tories. And taking on wider racism is important. Fascists aim to build a mass movement that can smash their opponents and perpetrate racist violence. And as a street movement, they gain confidence by marching.

That means we have to break their confidence on the streets.


Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism have sounded the alarm—and held protests against the fascists and racists. The demonstration on 14 July is a chance to begin to broaden the movement against the far right and to give new momentum to anti-racists.



A big turnout on 14 July will help us get to a position where we can confront the fascists and stop them marching where they want to march, rally where they want to rally. And that way we can push back and break their organisation.


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13 July | London | Together Against Trump: National Demo


Together Against Trump: National Demo
Fri 13 July | 14:00
Facebook Event » 

Organised by: Together Against Trump »

Donald Trump is now reported to be coming to Britian in July – and we are going to organise a massive national demonstration against his politics of racism, war and hate.

Together Against Trump will take place on Saturday before or during any Trump visit. The date of this protest may change as we know more about the visit.

This could be a march of millions. 4% of the population – or around 2 million people have said that they would “definitely” take part in protests against the visit.

This demonstration isn’t just about Trump. The treatment of the Windrush generation has highlighted the British elite’s disgraceful record of racism and bigotry. This is a fight against our own “hostile environment” as well as the American government.

The Stop Trump Coalition is a network of grassroots campaigns, unions, NGOs and politicians initiated by journalist Owen Jones in February 2017. Stand Up to Trump includes a range of campaigns against war, austerity and racism, as well as public figures who have pledged to mobilise against a Trump visit.

Both organisations have come together for a one-off national demonstration under the banner of Together Against Trump.

A mobilising network for the demonstration – with local contact points in every part of the country – will spring into action as soon as a date is announced, organising local actions and coaches to London.

Shaista Aziz, from the Stop Trump Coalition, said: “Donald Trump and Theresa May are running scared of protest. Last year. hundreds of thousands took to the streets at barely a day’s notice in disgust at Trump’s Muslim Ban. If Trump actually comes to London, we could be looking at a march of millions. This won’t just be a movement against the President’s visit – it will become a movement against racism, anti-migrant bigotry, sexism, transphobia and far right politics in the UK”

“The Windrush scandal has shown this isn’t just about Trump. It’s also about Tory Britain. Our protest is an opportunity for millions to say, ‘enough is enough’.”

Maz Saleem, from Stand Up to Trump, said: “Donald Trump is an open racist and sexist, a volatile and dangerous character who seems set on taking the West into further wars. Together we will put on a massive united show of opposition to him if Theresa May goes ahead with plans for a visit.”

Stop Trump’s website can be viewed here:

Stand up to Trump’s website can be viewed here:



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NEU NUT AGM at The Clock House on 20th June

NUT AGM 20th June at The Clock House

· 196a Peckham Rye

· East Dulwich

· London

· SE22 9QA

The meeting will run from 5:30-7pm

Feel free to come along from 4:30 or anytime to 8:30 – hot food and a drink to NUT members.

Michael and BETTY Joint Secretaries

Southwark NUT

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Support the striking teachers in Birmingham

Birmingham battle for jobs and learning by DOUG MORGAN, assistant sec Birmingham NEU,

NUT section NEU UNION members at Springfield Primary School in Birmingham were set to continue hard-hitting strikes this week. Following a strike day just before half term, NEU members at the school were set to continue with repeated strikes of three days a week, every week, for the rest of the summer term. The strikes at Springfield Primary take place against plans for a restructure that will see further potential redundancies. It will also remove teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments—meaning pay cuts for some staff. Workload has rocketed as many teaching assistant posts have already effectively gone and an enlarged leadership team will create an atmosphere of greater scrutiny without greater support. According to some set to strike, “Workload has increased while morale has plummeted.” David Room, Birmingham NEU (NUT Section) general secretary, said, “Support staff have already been cut while the school has chosen to employ four ‘directors’ who will not have a substantive teaching requirement. “Two alternative staffing structures have been proposed by NEU members at the school but these were rejected by the school, leaving members with no choice but to strike in the interests of education. “The strikes are happening because of individual circumstances. “But they are indicative of what so many teachers and support staff are telling us— that they have simply had enough of government cuts, enough of unreasonable managements and enough of unmanageable workloads. “The scale of the action that our members are prepared to take at Springfield shows their determination to protect jobs and defend the learning conditions of students.” lPlease rush messages of support to the school

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Support the John Roan campaign against the proposed academy

Yesterday staff at the John Roan were finally told after 2 months since the inspection, that Ofsted have judged our school as ‘inadequate with serious weaknesses’.


We as dedicated staff think this a grossly unfair judgement and we do not accept it. We are being punished by a Government that is starving our schools of funds and creating such a crisis that teachers are leaving in droves and our schools are crumbling under the pressure. We are doing over very best in these circumstances. 


We have also suffered from a lack of stability since our highly respected Head, Des Malone retired. We have seen four Heads in two years with constant changes, new initiatives and very little stability in the leadership. Our new Head Cath Smith was appointed two weeks before the Ofsted inspection. Surely Ofsted should take this into account? 


The very same teachers and support staff that worked with Des when we were judged a ‘good’ are now being told we are not good. How can this be? 


This judgement empowers the Secretary of State to issue an academy order immediately and the University schools Trust (UST) has been named as the preferred sponsor. This is cynical move by a Government hell bent on privatisation to run our schools down then judge them to have failed 


The NEU is opposed to academisation. Schools are for children, they are not and should not be seen as opportunities to make money or allow CEOs the power to award themselves inflated and frankly immoral salaries while our students go without textbooks and our support staff survive on poverty wages.


We are committed to working hard to improve our school and will do the best for our children but we will not be bullied by this Government into handing over our beloved Roan to the highest bidder.


John Roan NEU have voted to take industrial action against the forced academisation of The John Roan. We do not take such action lightly but the stakes are too high for the future of our school to stand by and let our community be treated in this way without any consultation.


We ask for the Roan community past, present and future to rally round and campaign to keep our school a community school as part of the family of Greenwich Local Authority schools.


We want our school to remain a caring, inclusive comprehensive that values all children and that invests in and respects all its staff. Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) simply don’t do this. 


Please contact and voice your concerns to:


Linda Karlsen

Chair of Governors


Linda Nelson

Chair of the Foundation Trustees


Cabinet member for Children’s services and Schools

David Gardner


Head of Children’s Services

Florence Kroll


Please show some support and send them some messages of solidarity. In our times of need, support from others was invaluable at maintaining morale. If you can share the link/story with as many people as you can to highlight their plight and to help fight the forced academisation of their school, that would also be great. When we make lots of noise, people are more inclined to listen.


Solidarity – we’re all in the fight to save the education system from scoundrels who want to divert money to their own pockets.

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